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Welcome to Stefan Max
Welcome to Stefan Max
Musician, Composer, Author, Designer

About me

For many years I toured Germany and the German-speaking neighboring countries with my children's music program. I played thousands of concerts and have a vivid memory of wide-open children's eyes following my show and being enchanted. The day came when I decided it was enough and I decided to go to Spain and start a new chapter in my life.

In Spain I performed mainly as a singer and guitarist in jazz, rock and pop bands and as a solo artist. In 2020, for well-known reasons, this came to an abrupt halt.

Then I shifted my focus to composition and production and have been working on it for some time now. I did ambient music, guitar backing tracks and started writing songs again.

Now I feel like the pieces are slowly coming together. So I updated my website. There isn't much to see at the moment, but I will provide information about myself and my productions here in the near future.

Recent Works

Space Ambient Music

Guitar Backing Tracks

Children's Music (older recordings, in German)

Bieb, Biep, Biep

Ede, der Bonbondieb



ES +34 611 096 224
D +49 171 99 50 383

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